• 99.9% Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals
  • No Additives or Fillers
  • Laboratory Tested for Quality and Purity
  • Proudly Canadian Owned


We're confident that Thrive Health Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals will exceed your expectations. If you don't experience truly amazing results, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

What People are Saying...

"I had very painful wrists from osteoarthritis and I am pain free now and able to go back to enjoying gardening with renewed strength. I also find I have more energy on a daily basis. I recommend you give it a try!" - Joanne W.*

"Taking Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals has not only improved my energy levels but to my surprise I started getting compliments about my clear skin and healthy looking hair. This is definitely a supplement that is worth trying for yourself!" - Cameron W.*

"Recently, I was introduced to Organic Sulfur Crystals. These days everything seems so much easier. Even my colleagues notice the difference in my energy level... There are also the great changes in my health; healthy nails, longer, thicker and shinier hair and clear skin." -Mina K.*

"I began to take Organic Sulfur because my two sisters had recommended it for the pain in my hips. I have been taking it for about a year now and I've noticed a big difference in the pain in my hips... I don't imagine I will ever stop taking Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals." - Helen H.*

The Benefits of Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals

Enjoy More Energy


You'll see a boost in energy within a few days of taking Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals.

Sulfur plays an essential role in helping the cells in your body utilize oxygen. This gets your brain functioning optimally and keeps you fueled with a steady supply of energy all day long. Say good-bye to those afternoon energy crashes.


Move Pain Free


 If you suffer from pain, Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals can help you manage your symptoms so you can get back to doing the things you love.

It has a mild analgesic, or pain relieving effect. If you are dealing with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or low back pain you can experience fast and permanent relief from aches.

Detox and Restore


Taking Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals everyday is a great way to help your body stay strong and resilient.

An excess of toxins can lead to cell damage and impaired function. Sulfur plays a role in one of the major detoxification pathways in the body. It is also required to produce glutathione, an important antioxidant which is a powerful free radical scavenger.

Beautiful Skin and Hair


You will be surprised by how much healthier your skin, hair and nails appear. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is an important building block of muscles, skin and connective tissue. Sulfur is required for proper production of collagen.

Having a rich source of sulfur in your diet is a great way to ensure these structures remain youthful and healthy.

How To Take Pure Organic Sulfur Crystals

Thrive Health Pure Organic Sulfur is a unique product and taking it correctly is vital to getting results. Below is a guide on how to take Organic Sulfur:
  • Taking your dosage with distilled water is essential.
  • Take Organic Sulfur at least 20 minutes before other medications, vitamins or supplements.
  • Take Organic Sulfur twice a day. Some individuals experience a mild detox when starting Organic Sulfur. For this reason, we recommend following the proper dosage guidelines.
Step 1: Dissolve.

Dissolve one serving in 2 oz of hot distilled water.

Step 2: Add Water.

Add 8-10 oz of cool distilled water.

Step 3: Stay Hydrated.

Drink at least one litre of water for every 25 kilograms of body weight everyday.