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The Benefit of Organic Sulfur for Joint Health

  1. Restoration and repair of the joint/muscle/tendon complex is one of the major health benefits of Organic Sulfur.  Whether originating from disease (all forms of arthritis), accident, aging, over use or athletic injuries, Organic Sulfur is an indispensable nutrient in resolving soreness and stiffness without  toxicity or negative side effects. In fact, Organic Sulfur is the key mineral the body synthesizes in the reduction of pain and inflammation.  As the third most abundant (and little known about ) mineral present in the body the health benefits to our joints are both numerous and effective within a short period of time.  These four components of joint health are:

  2. Healthy cells and healthy cell membrane.  In the case of joint issues, Organic Sulfur allows vital nutrients to permeate the cell membrane facilitating optimal nutrient uptake while simultaneously removing cellular wastes and other inflammatory materials.Adequate Organic Sulfur through supplementation supports the structure and mobility of joints improving flexibility and range of motion while decreasing both swelling and pain.

  3. Lactic acid build up in our joints and muscles is quickly removed safely with Organic Sulfur thereby decreasing “recovery” time for athletes both professional and amateur.

  4. Collagen is the protein required for maintaining youthful and vibrant soft tissue matter surrounding and supporting our joints.   Unfortunately, collagen production diminishes as we  age and the resulting  diminishment effects our ability to maintain joint health. Organic Sulfur provides all the raw materials for collagen production thus maintaining soft and supple joints even as we age.

  5. And finally, the Glutathione boost.  As the body’s most powerful, natural anti oxidant AND anti inflammatory molecule it cannot be overstated how beneficial and vital it is to  enhance glutathione levels through proper Organic Sulfur supplementation.  A build up of free radicals and inflammation within our cells can be the result of less than adequate glutathione production. Organic Sulfur intake increases glutathione production in the liver, naturally.

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